My new old Metal Shaper

A new machine arrived at my workshop – a metal shaper.

At the start of May 2019 I found a metal shaper in an online auction, but the machine was much too heavy and quite to big for my small workshop.
While I discussed the auction with a friend, I told him “Once I find a smaller machine for a decent price, I’ll buy it from the spot.”
The funny thing is – 2 hours later this machine popped up at my favourite selling site (like Craigslist). Located right at my hometown, at a really good price.

StoƟmaschinenfoto aus der Verkaufsanzeige
Pic from the seller

After a short inspection I bought the machine which had to stay at the seller’s workshop, since I yet had to organize the transport – the weight of the machine is somewhere between 300kg and 500kg.
One I found a company for the transport, a friend and me mounted the machine and it’s motor on 2 transport pallets.

On pallets and protected

The next day, moving the machine to our carport was a piece of cake. It took the transport company just 30 minutes and it was done.

“At home” at last

Since I cant’t move the machine into my basement as it is – too big and too heavy – I’m going to remove as many parts as possible (and hopefully learn a bit about the mechanics during this process).

Video overview of the machine

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